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Be sure to use a bucket that holds at least a gallon more than the paint you are mixing in it or you will have paint splashing out of the top. Clare. "How to Mix Latex Paints Together." Home.

When I tried mixing artist grade acrylic with latex wall paint the results went on smoothly and I was hopeful, but in the drying the excess moisture in the latex wall paint caused some undesired effects.

Generally, any paint that has the same solvent or base (alkyd "oil" or water "latex") can usually be combined successfully. A better explanation might be to say that water and oil don't mix, so unless your a chemist don’t try latex bathroom paint with an alkyd ceiling product as your first mixing leftover paint project. Another issue to consider is should one mix interior and exterior.

Aug 31, 2017 · Most artists do not want to use house paint for fine arts because it doesn't last as long as artist's acrylic, but you may want to mix acrylics with latex to get the exact color or texture you need for a specific project. There are decorative applications for mixing .