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What others are saying girls of drag racing - Bing images drag racing back up girls - - Yahoo Image Search Results Page Photos of women of drag racing Trash Or Be Trashed The strip had a nice race/show. Western Fuel Altered's Nitro cars / Alky cars plus a .

What others are saying History - Drag cars in motion. Click this image to show the full-size version. Jim and Jerry Jokerst from St Louis started racing funny cars in the late 60s on the injected UDRA circuit, upgraded to a supercharged nitro burning "Mr. Sinister" Firebird in 69.

Vintage Drag Racing 50's,60's,70's 30,000+ Photos of you saw my Green Valley dragway photo set and with such a reaction Ive decided to start posting my collection of drag racing pics ranging from 50's-70's. Ill take any suggestions or requests but my folder's are not organized so Ill do what I can. Vintage Drag Racing 50's,60's,70's.

DRAG PIX BY PETE VINTAGE DRAG RACING "PETE" GARRAMONE "PETE" GARRAMONE has made a huge contribution to vintage drag racing and preserving the history. There are hundreds of early racing photos (1953-1955) that include the 1955 Drag Safari sponsored by The Denver Timing Association and The Strippers of Denver.