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"Puto" can apply to gay males in some places or simply to any male who is sexually loose (some males are sexually loose, some aren't; sexuality has little to do with it). " Puto " is used to imply weakness or .

FTP means Fuck That Puto. FTP is an abbreviation for Fuck That Puto. Questions. What most visitors search for before coming to this page. What does FTP stand for? FTP stands for "Fuck That Puto" How to abbreviate Fuck That Puto? Fuck That Puto can be abbreviated as FTP. What is FTP abbreviation? One of the meanings of FTP is "Fuck That Puto".

Culear means to have sexual intercourse—the same as fuck in its literal meaning— but does not imply anal sex. Culito (little ass) is used by younger men to refer to women in a sexual context; it is also used to refer to the buttocks in an inappropriate but affectionate .

In Spanish, puta extended as a derogatory word for “whore” to an all-purpose swear, kind of like the English fuck, which ranges from you little fuck to abso-fuckin-lutely. Puta is often used an exclamation of surprise, positive or negative: Puta!