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Apr 10, 2014 · I learned my affliction had a name: tuberous breast deformity (TBD). (It's a congenital abnormality where breasts don't develop normally; the cause is unknown.) It .

Breast Deformity Correction. In some women normal breast development is impaired because of a congenital defect. At times this defect involves the chest muscles as well. There are a variety of congenital breast deformities including tuberous/tubular breasts, Poland Syndrome, and asymmetry (different size and/or shape of the breasts).

Tubular Breast Deformity. Before. After. Before. Before 22 year-old woman with constricted breast deformity. Her breasts looked droopy because the fold was abnormally high and the normally developed breast above the fold was hanging over. After. After Her primary wish was to improve the shape of the breast. With BRAVA + AFT and Rigottomies, in.

Tuberous breast deformity, which is also be known as tubular breasts or constricted breasts, is a result of an abnormality or congenital deformity which occurs in women. When a female is going through puberty, it can occasionally happen that the breasts fail to develop normally and fully.5/5(22).