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Breast Cancer Treatment: Partial Radiation how effective is whole breast radiation

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Accelerated partial-breast radiation after lumpectomy was pretty close, but a little less effective at reducing the risk of breast cancer recurrence in the same breast as whole-breast radiation in women diagnosed with early-stage disease, according to long-term study results.

Jul 01, 2017 · If you had BCS, you will most likely have radiation to the entire breast (called whole breast radiation), and an extra boost of radiation to the area in the breast where the cancer was removed (called the tumor bed) to help prevent it from coming back in that area. The boost is often given after the treatments to the whole breast have ended.

Surgery and radiation work together to cure cancer in the breast. The lumpectomy procedure is surgical removal of the cancerous lump. The amount of breast tissue removed can be as small as a golf ball, or as large as an orange; every situation is different.