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Know What is Skewfoot or Serpentine Foot and its Treatment x-ray adult skew foot

Skew foot is a rare type of flat foot described as a "Z" foot or serpentine foot. It is characterized by forefoot adduction and hindfoot valgus. Radiographic features Plain radiographs On standing radiographs the following features are seen.

As stated above, diagnosing Skewfoot or Serpentine Foot is quite difficult in the initial stages of the child's development as the bone is not developed and the exact shape of the bone cannot be seen on radiological studies but once the child reaches to about 6 years of age then the bones of the foot have fully developed and the diagnosis of Skewfoot or Serpentine Foot can be made with x-rays.

The childs c-shaped foot is placed in a standard shoe the foot will take on a more normal appearance, however the shoe forces the wrong joint to shift, resulting in a Z-shaped foot (also known as skew foot) on x-ray. This foot type is easily recognized in the adult foot, typically the toes start to shift outward.

Bilateral pes planus and hindfoot valgus, but excessive left forefoot abduction results in left-sided skew foot 1 article features images from this case Skew foot.