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"This Arcade Bar Looks Like a 1970s Rumpus Room" - Washingtonian "Meet Logan Circle’s Newest Adult Playground – Player’s Club" - Prince of Popville. Achievement unlocked. A gamer's paradise, Players Club pays homage to the golden age of video games and 70s-80s music and culture. It's like drinking in your parent's basement – only now.

The Player's Club is Very Clean and the BYOB bar is WELL stocked for ANY mix you need! Visited this past Saturday and sadly we were disappointed. Upon entering, the staff is friendly and reasonably helpful as this was our first visit. We frequent swingers clubs in many parts of the US and looked forward to visiting San Antonio.3.5/5(11).

Welcome to Player 2. Downtown Appleton's 21+ Arcade Bar. Located on the east end of College Ave.

Chicago is known for many things, but an overabundance of strip clubs is not one of them. The 12 best Illinois bars NOT in Chicago. This place lays claim to the “Best Adult Entertainment Author: Jay Gentile.