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Forward Together: A New Vision for Senior Adult Ministry. This comprehensive resource looks at how the age wave will affect the church.

LifeWay publishes biblically accurate and engaging resources and produce events you can trust for every age group and ministry in your church. We resource pastors and men’s and women’s ministries as well as age-specific ministries for Sunday school classes, small groups, Bible study groups, and individuals.

sources for adult and senior adult ministries offered by LifeWay Christian Re-sources. LifeWay has a topi-cal index for senior adult min-istry articles and homebound adult article on line. Other Senior Adult Links The following links to other Web sites are provided as a service. Inclusion on this page does not imply en-.

SAM (Senior Adult Ministries) Designed with those 50+ years in mind, our 50+ ministry focuses on continuing the life-long processes of growth, connection and service for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom. Activities vary from dinners in, dinners out, day .