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Deck Staining Wood Stain Oils Vs. Latex latex vs oil stain

When staining any exterior wood element such as a fence, deck, siding, or garden bridge, you can choose between either an oil-based or latex-based stain.Oil-based stains traditionally been used for exterior elements, but they are messier and smellier than latex-based stains.

Jun 20, 2014 · Deck Staining. deck sanding and staining are one of our specialties here in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Richmond Hill areas. Types There are two main types of oil-based stain and one main category of latex stain. Bleaching oil-based stains make wood appear grayish and naturally weathered, according to Iowa State University.Author: Vic Nagy.

When choosing a stain to apply to your wood, it is important to first identify the correct stain base. In the debate between oil-based stains vs. water-based stains, if you are coating a wood that has a natural resistance to rotting, a water-based stain is the better option. Some examples of this kind of wood are cedar, cypress, and redwood.

May 30, 2016 · Oil vs Latex: Which Paint is Best? By Scott Sidler • May 30, 2016 The first two times we used a porter solid body oil based stain. Last time he used latex. Latex was a big fail. Not only did the paint peel, crack, blister, etc., it attracts dirt and mildew like crazy. Now I learn that oil asked solid stains are pretty much unavailable.Reviews: 48.