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While it may be used as a symbol of resistance in nearly all of these circumstances, few other common denominators exist surrounding its usage. The memory of the fist as a symbol of black power is forgotten by white nationalist groups or individuals who exhibit blatant disregard for the welfare of black lives.

A clenched fist in the air is a symbol for black power because it stands for resistance and self-defense. The clenched fist has been used a symbol of human power and agency for thousands of years, with the first clenched fist appearing in cave drawings during the Neolithic period.

In 2017, the raised fist is where straightforward solidarity and camp collide. And it’s also a perfect symbol of how black American culture is performed and consumed by people both of and outside of the community. Most importantly, it’s about how black Americans, like the meaning of the fist, are constantly redefining ourselves.Author: Niela Orr.

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