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Jan 08, 2009 · Porn Glossary: From A to you don’t want to know we’ve compiled this glossary of very adult terms. While it’s by no means exhaustive, our porn mini-dictionary will hopefully help you Author: Las Vegas Weekly Staff.

Nov 07, 2007 · Like this glossary of industry terms, which comes straight from the site: or alt.sex.prostitution newsgroup ASPD = Adult Service Provider Discussion ATF = Author: Sean Cronin.

While the legality of adult sexual entertainment varies by country, the use of children in the sex industry is illegal nearly everywhere in the world. Commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is the "sexual abuse by the adult and remuneration in cash or kind to the child or a third person or persons. The child is treated as a sexual.

Common adult industry sex terms, abbreviations, codes, codewords, terminology, acronyms, lingo, and glossary. What is the meaning of (What does this mean), what is the definition of (as defined in our dictionary), and what do the letters stand for: After the sex terms is a list of Generic Acronyms AAMP = Apartment Asian Massage Parlor.