Career & Adult Education School - adult education career academy


Career, Technical, Adult, Community Education / National Academy Foundation (NAF) adult education career academy

The Adult Education & Literacy program offers four Career4U Academies. These academies allow students to attend college without a TSI test and earn a Level 1 certificate. Each certificate program is between 6 months and two years long, and the classes are all credit courses with a combination of workforce preparation and an added support course.

Apollo Adult Education offers a wide range of long-term and short-term programs across all industries. We are an affordable, close to home choice, that offers students personal attention, real-world experience, and an all-inclusive culture at our state-of-the-art campus.

The College and Career Academy at Pruden offers adult education through the Center for Lifelong Learning. The Center’s adult program promotes the concept of life-long learning and enrolls adult students. Adults enroll in classes to begin career exploration, complete secondary education or acquire skills for a newfound interest.

SJA offers adult education courses for community members to advance their skills. SJA is proud to partner with Vermont Technical College and the Department of Labor to host the Electrician Apprenticeship Program. We offer employers customized workshops and training on communication, technical math, leadership, customer service, teambuilding, etc.